Exhibition Launch

The M(other) Side of the Perspex is an online exhibition of creative work about mothering a premature infant in neonatal intensive care settings (NICU). The exhibits include collage, poems, videos and soundscapes were produced by research participants with experience of mothering in NICU.

Poem read by Rachel Bower,  Writer & Creative Facilitator

Guest speakers

The launch was supported by a wonderful group of speakers who come together to talk about their personal experience of NICU and contribution to improving the experience of mothers and families in NICU. 

Rachel Burden, BBC Radio 5 Breakfast Presenter

Lottie King, Founder of Leo’s Neonatal Charity

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Artist, midwife, writer & activist

Neil Patel, Consultant Neonatologist, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

Rebecca Chilvers, Consultant Clinical Neonatal Psychologist

Poetry Reading by ward winning poetry and creative writer, Rachel Bower

Embodying mothering in the neonatal intensive care unit: creative storytelling project

‘Embodying mothering in the neonatal intensive care unit: creative storytelling project’ was a research project exploring maternal/infant inter embodiment. Participants explored the embodied aspects of mothering (touch, eye contact, breast feeding, lactation and pumping) in online workshops which were co-facilitated by researcher Sushila Chowdhry, Mother and Infant Research Unit, School of Health Sciences, University of Dundee and artists Rachel Bower, Maya Chowdhry and Jessica Howarth.

The research was funded by the Institute for Social Sciences Research at University of Dundee and was carried out in collaboration with Divya Jindal-Snape, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law.